Care for Talent Foundation

Lucebert: “Everything of value is defenseless”.

Care for Talent Foundation

Care for Talent Foundation is a non-profit foundation that accompanies, protects, further educates and guides young musical talents on their way to national and international top stages.

We introduce and connect them to agencies, orchestras, conductors, festivals, record companies and will do all that is needed to create a safe platform from where these true artists can develop .

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Emotions are remembered long-term, technical perfection without emotion is forgotten quickly.

True artists heal your pain, have consoling powers and bring more love and peace in the world.

Music in the hands of true artists have those powers, we need those artists.

True artists embed meaning in their work. This foundation helps them develop and bring them to you.

Unfortunately many young talents are pushed into early careers. Their technical ability puts them on a stage where they emotionally and therefore musically do not yet belong. This is caused amongst others by early exploitation, over-exposure, irresponsible marketing and programming. When marketing drives the production of music, the resulting outcome is music that lacks meaning.

This foundation:

- cares for the talent of young true artists;

- supports, accompanies and further educates in a natural tempo according to a specifically guided program;

- is the best alternative to help create true artists of the highest level for the world’s top stages;

- wants true artists, not robots, to touch the hearts of all listeners and fill it with joy, beauty and excitement;

- Helps and encourages young artists to stay true to their pure ideals as emphasized and

propagated by the Foundation.

- is certainly not an agency, it takes responability to the best of its knowledge to advice, retain oversight

and guide both agencies and artists at all times during the complex processes that arise when constructing a sustainable career of the artist.

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If music is your first love then help them develop by supporting us.