About the Foundation

Care for Talent Foundation is a non-profit organization ment for the well being of a worldwide public.

The foundation has set itself the goal of doing everything within its power to assist exceptionally talented classical musicians in the development of their musical gifts for an indefinite period without being hindered by obstructing external factors such as fame, money, interests of third parties etc. In this way, closely supervising a potential career with care and dedication in both practical and human terms. The foundation stands for the highest quality standards with the emphasis to encourage the love for the profession and to offer the possibilities to develop this optimally so that the artist is safeguarded over a long time his / her musical gifts to be much purer and sincerer and to be able to share with his / her audience.

In order for an artist to be of real value in the long term it requires a multitude of aspects that have to mold inside. This process actually takes a long time of development to understand and manifest all the needed aspects optimally and at rest. The current situation in the music-scene worldwide shows us on a daily base that young artists are often deviating from this trajectory all too soon with irreparable results.

Care for Talent Foundation provides time and care to let artists develop over time and providing them all needed facilities to establish a sustainable career.

Young artsist are often forced to prove themselves too early, in which in-depth explanation, the development of an ethical philosophy of life, the integration of cultural experiences and the path to become “human” to be able to “communicate” as an artist, all seem or have come in second place. Emptiness is the inevitable consequence of this and therefore many young artists do not do justice to the audience and themselves.

Care for Talent connects its artists with world-famous historians, philosophers, writers, painters and musical carriers of our culture.

Developing one's own style and personality based on a deep-rooted historical awareness has given way to brutal competition in which all commercial means seem permissible. The technical skills that many already have at a young age mean that what is ultimately all about is shrouded in darkness: the real power of expression find its way no more to the ear of a listening audience, the emotion does not take place. The interpretations are charged and seem to serve no other purpose than to stand out by just being “different” hoping to catch the attention of a defenseless audience and ignoring the deeper values ​​and backgrounds of our historical heritage.

Care for Talent only works together with selected marketing agencies to ensure that so called branding of an artist is always based on the principles of the foundation.

Progressive measures are needed to turn the tide. This can only be achieved with the help of time, know-how and the right individual guidance of truly special musical talents who potentially carry everything to take an important position when it comes to cultural transfer, expressiveness, right emotions, technical possibilities and human qualities and are not hindered by ego, fast fame, money nor glitter and glamour.

Back to the origin, an artist on stage exists by the grace of the composer who did not write his notes to acquire glitter and glamour but as a result of a deep sense of life, a very great necessity and basically everything related to these cornerstones of artistry.

It is the Foundations vision to connect and implement these so important principals again so that in the future it is guaranteed that there will be artists who can express through their music not only the cultural heritage in a most personal way but above all transfer true emotions in an honest manner.

To achieve this, there is a great need for sufficient financial resources, both for the artists as well as for the Foundation in order to achieve its working methods and objectives full scope all in favour of the artist and its worldwide audience. We greatly appreciate your donations and would love to welcome you as one of our donators and member of our community as well as part of our goals!