Projects 2019

Project sponsored by the Well van der Snoek Foundation

Project Title: Music is healing for people.

Initiator and applicant: Foundation Care for Talent

Project description:

"The production of a short film / documentary about the great importance of music and its healing effect on society and, more specifically, how war victims and refugees experience the effect of music. In addition, extensive and more scientific attention is paid to the effects of using music as a therapy by health care on human well-being and we will also looks at whether there are other cultures besides Western culture that already use this.

What does the documentary show:

The Care for Talent Foundation has a number of particularly talented young musicians who, through concert performances, will introduce the intended target groups for the documentary to the healing effects of their music, and we will look over the shoulders of the artists and extensive attention is spent on the personal reactions and experiences of listeners who will be interviewed about this.

Particular attention is paid to processing trauma and to what extent the therapeutic effect that can go from the music helps to cure trauma. From a scientific point of view, this is further explained through interviews by, among others, Rosalie Kühmann and Prof. dr. Dr. Hans Jeekel also investigating whether the positive experiences of the effect of music on the healing process also has a sustainable character.

We visualize the good works of the Magic Flute Foundation, among others, but we will also look over the shoulders of musicians Marina Yakhlakova and Anastasia Kobekina how music played by them is picked up by the audience of the target group of war victims, refugees and older people suffering from Alzheimer.

The documentary also pays close attention to the influence of sound frequencies on the human cell structure. What are good and what are bad frequencies, how do they affect people and their well-being and what does science know about this in 2019?


This project is being carried out by Studio van Schuppen, a high-quality sound and video production studio.

Cooperation with among others:

• Stichting Toverfluit (The aim of Stichting Vluchtelingen Toverfluit is to help young refugees with their integration into Dutch society. The Foundation focuses in particular on young people with musical talent. In collaboration with the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Stichting ` Magic whistle for young refugees in a possible career in the music world. We try to promote the integration of young refugees in the Netherlands within our perspective.)

Marina Yakhlakova (Pianist) A top artist included in the Care for Talent Foundation, supervised by Jochem Geene, will provide short performances at various locations, including Bronbeek, for the benefit of the target group.

Anastasia Kobekina, cellist and international rising star, 3rd prize finalist Tsjaikowski Competition Petersburg 2019, also accepted in the Foundation Care for Talent, will provide short performances at various locations for the benefit of the target group.

• The more scientific side is highlighted in the documentary by an interview with both Rosalie Kühlmann and her supervisor Prof. dr. Dr. Hans Jeekel. Rosalie Kühlmann will be awarded a PhD on the subject "The healing influence of music on humans" on 18 September 2019 at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Rosalie studied Medicine in Groningen. From 2014, she worked as a PhD student at the Music as Medicine research group, where she was randomized among other things. She conducted a controlled study of the effect of music interventions on young children undergoing surgery. She also conducted multiple systematic reviews and meta-analyzes of the effects of music interventions on anxiety, pain and physiological variables. The last year of her PhD trajectory, she worked as a physician assistant in the Pediatric Surgery department at Erasmus MC - Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam.

Prof. Dr. Hans Jeekel, Professor of surgery was head of the surgery department at the Erasmus Medical Center and did a lot of scientific research. In 2012, he set out to investigate whether music deserves a place in regular health care. The Music as Medicine foundation (Erasmus MC Rotterdam) aims to place music as an innovative, evidence-based treatment within and outside healthcare. Hans Jeekel is chairman of the Music as a Medicine Foundation. See also

• Various interviews with different people from the target groups as described in the project description.

Who will look and find the documentary:

The documentary is made available to, among others:

Various interested Foundations, Nederlandse Omroep, Brava TV, Evangelische Omroep, Refugee Camps, Ministry of Healthcare, Erasmus University Rotterdam and other stakeholders.