Our Artists

Please meet our Artists on this page!

At the moment we do care for two very gifted artists, both prizewinners in acclaimed competitions and now working hard to establish a sustainable career with the help of amongst others Care for Talent Foundation.

We are very happy to have both artist under our wings and will continously inform you on this website about their progress and achievements. If you want to have more information or want to do a donation exclusively for a specific artist please contact us on forehand at info@carefortalentfoundation.com

Anastasia Kobekina, Cello

Photo by Evgeny Evtyukhov

Marina Yakhlakova, Piano

Photo by Annemarie Ruys

In principle we do not accept donations solely in favour of one of our artists unless there are exceptional reasons to do so. We believe that every artist needs as much attention as the other and Care for Talent is very capable and in the best position to decide which artist needs most care at a certain stage in our programm we design for and with them.