Purpose & Policy

Purpose of the foundation:

  • Early identification of truly exceptional musical talent
  • Understanding the needs, the obstacles and dealing with them correctly so that they do not form obstacles in the development of the talent.
  • Ensuring the development that is necessary to become one of a top musical talent, a complete human and musician, not just a perfect technical player
  • Giving unconditional and lasting trust to the artist and his mission
  • Supervising and designing a development trajectory specifically for the artist being a triptych:

a. Musical talent development and maturing, b. Personality development, c. Sustainably building a commercial career based on the highest quality and integrity with the aim of the added value intended by the foundation for the wellbeing of a worldwide audience.

Policy Plan

The following activities will be among the daily activities of the foundation:

  • Searching for suitable candidate artists
  • Analyzing the current status of an artist's career at the start
  • Drawing up a plan of approach - applicable to the artist
  • Establishing and expanding international contacts and searching for suitable international Impresarios and concert organizations in the top echelon of the classical music world
  • Building and expanding a network of top international musicians with which artists can work together
  • Building and expanding a network of top international orchestras and chief conductors
  • Establishing contacts with international top concert halls
  • Continuously expanding and providing sufficient financial resources.
  • Install and expand efficiency wherever possible and desired.
  • Establishing contacts with experienced and suitable marketing agencies
  • Continuous close supervision of all decisions, external expressions and developments that concern the artist.