Selection procedure Artists

Selection of our Artists

Our selection procedure to welcome new talents to join our Foundation is not done by auditions, competitions and other "number" based procedures. Care for Talent Foundation is genuinely convinced that Art should never ever be expressed in numbers!

Care for talent is not against competitions but is convinced that there are various other ways to assist and support talents on their way to the important and acknowledged international concerthalls, something for which competitions are invented. The results of nowadays competitions are often of short duration and the creation of winners is more than once subject to discussion. Care for Talent does not any longer see the added value of competitions for this reason and believes that the current system is exhausted.

Finding new musical top talents is not an easy task. Thereby guaranteeing the top quality of the intrinsic value and the related sincerity of the music and its performance, for the benefit of the well-being of a global audience is making things even more complex.

We are very fortunate that our selected artists are able to embed several important talents in their way of life as well as in their expresivness both musically and humanly and therefore succeed to transcend their audiences to a higher level of consciousness where it comes to the emotional importance of music and it’s healing and consoling characteristics.

To meet these standards in our current time (that once were a common inheritance of culture that was passed on to the younger generations by masters that understood the “working” of an honest public performance) requires - while selecting artists- utmost precision.

The acceptance of new talents is therefore either done by recommendation of trustful partners/musicians with the same intentions as propagated by the Foundation or by the Foundation itself.