CFT Program Anastasia Kobekina

Passed and actual activities of the Foundation resulted in various positif achievements:

  • We connected Anastasia to a major agency, G-Sharp Creative Management where Hannes de Vries is now representing Anastasia wordlwide under supervision of and in co-operation with the foundations director Jochem Geene.

The foundation recommended and promoted Anastasia at several venues and festivals, resulting currently in 7 concerts in the Netherlands:

  • Edesche Concertzaal - 2020 and 2021 - Various solo recitals and Artist in Residence 2021-2022 - In total 5 concerts
  • Wonderfeel Festival Open Air openingsconcert with New Philharmonic Utrecht 2019
  • Concertgebouw Amsterdam Small Venue 28 september - Presentation/fundraising concert Care for Talent/ Documentary Music is Healing
  • Promotion at various higly acclaimed International Festivals like Verbier Festival, Gstaad Music Festival where appointments are set up with their leading directors.
  • In collaboration with G-Sharp Creative Management, Care for Talent will approach leading directors of wordlfamous orchestras and Festivals wordlwide that will facilitate her way to the international stage.
  • Plannings are ongoing for a video registration of all 6 Bach Cello Suites. As Anastasia also playes the baroque Cello the film will also pay close attention to the various differences in performance and interpretation on both instruments. The film can certainly count on international interest from cultural broadcasters like Medici TV .
  • Currently Anastasia Kobekina is studying at the Paris Conservatory of Music with famous cellist Jérôme Pernoo . As Care for Talent promotes to take lessons en benefit from the insights of great artists that are known for their specialistic experience and knowledge on a specific timeperiod of composers, we found famous Baroque Cellist Roel Dieltiens ready to teach Anastasia in addtion some secrets for which he is worldwide well known. This will take place in the near future when Anastasia's schedule allows her to do so.