Viva la Vida

The music-project "Viva la Vida" is an initiative of the foundation's boardmembers Edmond Fokker and Jochem Geene.

They are producing a CD, vinyl (and LP) and downloads which sales will benefit the "Care for Talent Foundation".

The beautiful CD containing romantic and joyfull pieces is being produced by the wellknown "Studio van Schuppen" which guarantees top-quality recording.

The CD will be distributed for free to care-homes. intstitutions , hospitals and 'hospices' where people due to the circumstances of Corona have to stay indoors and music will be of great support.

Music is what we need in times like these, it is healing, consoling and gives you hope.

Help us helping others by supporting our initiative.

The adjoining page gives you all the information you need.

Thank you so much!

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